Rubber Track Carriers

Rubber Track Carriers

Rubber Tracked Carriers, or Crawler Carriers provide certain advantages compared with conventional wheeled trucks and steel tracked vehicles. They offer the lowest ground pressure among various carriers while providing significantly higher traction compared to wheeled vehicles. This makes them suitable to drive in challenging and rough terrains, as well as environmentally sensitive areas to protect ground vegetation. Rubber Tracks also provide faster speeds compared with steel tracked vehicles.

NCA Inc, a sister company of NCA Canada is the distributor for two of the best Rubber Track Carrier manufacturers in the world, namely Morooka and KATO (IHI), both of which are Japanese manufacturers with decades of successful presence in the North American market.

NCA Inc supplies Rubber Track Carriers from 4,400 lb to 35,000 lb payload for purchase, rent or rent-to-own options, and provides complete after-sales service for all units.

NCA Inc also offers customization of standard dumper track carrier units to build application-specific units with various accessories and tools as per client’s requests in its workshops in Canada.

Applications of Rubber Track Carriers

National Compressed Air (NCA) offers Rubber Track Carriers and accessories with different applications to clients in multiple sectors, such as Utilities, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction and Forestry.


Rubber Tracked Carriers perform well on steep slopes, wet, muddy and rough rocky roads, crossing shallow rivers or sandy terrains, where wheeled trucks lose much of their performance and risk getting stuck or damage the ground.

As a result, using Rubber Track  Dumpers, or any other Customized Carriers for specific applications together with the conventional trucks will help your fleet keep their performance even in the toughest ground conditions.

Please visit our dedicated website for Rubber Track Carriers below, or contact our Alberta office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.

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