Standard and Custom Designed Rubber Track Carriers


Rubber Track Carriers by NCA Inc.

NCA Inc., a sister company of NCA Canada in Alberta, is the distributor for two of the best Rubber Track Carrier manufacturers in the world, namely Morooka and KATO (IHI), both of which are Japanese manufacturers with decades of successful presence in the North American market.

In addition to offering Morooka and KATO (IHI) standard dumper units, NCA Inc. has a long and successful history in customization of Rubber Track Carriers for specific applications needed by the clients.

Customization either includes assembling different tools, accessories and equipment on a flatbed tracked carrier for special applications in various sectors like utilities, oil and gas, mining, construction, forestry or any other industry, or it can be to customize the carrier’s cabin to accommodate more passengers and operators.

Some of the most common customized carrier units by NCA Inc. includes the following:

  • Digger Derricks – For Electric pole installation
  • Two-man operator cabins
  • Knuckle booms and cranes
  • Hydro-Vacuum excavators
  • Hydro-seeder and spray units
  • Roll on/off deck loads (Stellar arms)
  • Water/ Oil Tank units
  • Air Compressor units
  • Personnel carrier units

To get more information about Rubber Track Carriers please check the website below or contact our Alberta office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.


Standard and Custom Designed Rubber Track Carriers